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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dia Naik, Tak Pernah Turun, Tapi Berhenti Bila Kemuncak.

Ha3... Anda tahu apakah Jawapan bagi tajuk ini???

Kalau anda jawab UMUR maka jawapan anda 99.999% betul... ;p
Kalau anda fikir benda lain bawa-bawa bertaubat lah...Ha3... Baca Seterusnya>>>

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Kos Rawatan Meningkat

Kita semua maklum bahawa setiap orang pasti akan pergi.
Cuma beza bagaimana mereka di dunia sebelum pergi.
"Sihat sebelum sakit"
Iz pasti anda selalu dengar frasa diatas,
ia sebenarnya dari persedian "5 perkara sebelum 5 perkara" yang lain iaitu

1. Sihat sebelum sakit... Baca Seterusnya>>>

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jom Buka Akaun ASB

Kalau ada sesiapa yang nak mula melabur tanpa sebarang modal??

Anda sebenarnya boleh membuat pinjaman sehingga RM 200,000 dan kaut keuntungan anda setiap hujung tahun.

Klik Sini untuk mengetahui mengenainya dengan lebih lanjut.

Survey-Faq (Survey Faq) Scam Alert!!!

This entry is special made to those who read my last entry about "Part Time Tambah Income".
Sorry to tell you that this web survey is actually a scam.
What can I can tell you is Im one of the 1st 10000 clients bacht for this survey site.
I do complete my survey and archive to US$ 1,360.
that is my 1st point collections.
I trade it up into my PayPal and the do cash it up...but not all the sum...just part of it...
I got RM 1,000 and is not even half from the real amount.
They should pay me RM 4,488...Its take a lot of time.
I try to email the owner's side but no respond...
But its okay at least I got pay...
Then several month after someone told me that this side is a scam.
So I tried to investigate about this matter.
And I sadly it's the truth...
I open-up my pay pal account and its had been blocked.
Luckily my pay pal account is a three way account guarded by my 3 privet email.
So I use the back door....
But what can I say, my account already been ambush....Got nothing more...
Last time I check it i still have RM 50,
cause I already use the money from Survey faq to buy some online game items.
So I report this thing to RHB (bank) then they clean my Pay Pal acc.
I never ask or post an entry in my blog if i not try it 1st and get what it promised.
And if you notice my blog has been hack before by some guys and he put viruses in my blog.
But it clean now and google already unblock my site after 2 month.
Now I post this entry to say sorry and to warn you about this thing.
My mistake is when I got the money,I promote it to my friends.
SO Im really sorry it this website has cost you lost of your time.
I will not delete my post about "Part Time Tambah Income".
So it will link to this entry you read.
Here is some Link And video about this scam...
Again..Sorry guys....

Menarik Sekarang !!!

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