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Monday, January 31, 2011

What Makes You Think You Are Better Than Others ?

 I  like to think that I'm BETTER than anyone. But I would love it if I felt like I was the worst of my kind just so that I became a BETTER PERSON. To me, I'm better than no one, because I don't know anyone's good deeds, I don't know what kind of person they are inside. Everyone turns out to be very different when you really see what's inside them. I know I don't let anyone know who I am, and I keep my matters to myself, so maybe others do that too, so there's no way I can judge them. Anyway, who am I to judge? (I've said this a million times, but I'll say it again. I'm not very articulate so I'm sorry if it was hard to get what I was trying to say...) LOL

 But theres is some sort of people that make me so annoyed, they always make fun of the others.  My Oppinion is, telling someone's stupid dont make us smatter or telling someone are jerk dont make us better too.

 So im asking you, What Makes You Yhink You Are Better Than Others ?
Any answer ???
For me its better to think that we are better from others. Try to be a better person.
But just don't over shows it. 
Or you will start loosing others...
And That Time You Will Be


Sunday, January 23, 2011

About My Blog

Why Sky Crawlers ???
Because Its Mean Freedom For Me...

Sky Watch???
Awesome huh??? ha3... I Love To See Sky & Cloud, But Im Not A Day Dreamer, Maybe..Weee....

Feed The Nature???
Its Kind Of Representating Nature For Me..You Know The Four Element Of Earth, Water, Air & Fire..
The Black Colour Fish Representating Us, Human That Always Kill Them Although At The Same Time We Try To Save Them.. Please Have A Click On Them..

Voice Of Earth???
I Love Yui...
Its Yui Song Tittle Feel My Soul,
But Its  Played In Ocarina Way..
And A Song From Greyson Chance Waiting Outside The Line-Music Only.
Nice Huh???

What Kind Of Text I'll Be Post???
Maybe About My Life.
Ofcourse About The Nature Health.
And Some News Or Our Country Situation.

My Blog Opening

Hi There,
My Name Is Abdul Aziz Adnan a.k.a ***iz***
Just Create This Blog To Tell The World About Me, What Im Love To Do And What Had Happened To Earth
Is The Blog Writen Only In English???
No Lah, It Will Be Mixed With Bahasa Too..
Bahasa Melambangkan Bangsa Kan???
But Im Prefer Write Or Type (LOL) in English...
So Guys, If You Have Any Comment Or Suggestion Just Hit Me And I Will Always Consider it for you.

Menarik Sekarang !!!

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