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Lepas Follow Aku Korang Tinggalkan La Jejak Kat cBOX, Senang Aku Nak Follow Balek..TQ

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Its 2nd of Feb,Wed.

Im started my Chinese New Year Holiday.
So I woke up, packed all my things and waiting at Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KeTaM) Pantai Dalam around 10.30 p.m with my bag pack.
The train arrived around 11 something, in a flash look the train look so crowded.
But in a close look its only crowded near the door only. argh...
So im just go through them...
"tepi siket" i shout..." sekius me" "mekaseh" mekaseh"....
Everybody look at me... some of them just smiling to me and i just smile back..
There's no seat anymore so i just standing holding the pole (like a pole dancer,LOL)...
Then a guy suddenly said to me...
" dorang nie mang cam nie der, nak senang keluar, masuk maen tusuk jek"
Then i said in a little bit loud " hmm..tu lah, tu yg aq bengang tue" then we laugh and started to chat.
Im arrived at KL Central... bye to my unknown friend, i dont even know what his name is (LOL)
Then again , the time i want to use the escalator its full.
That's Malaysian,So lazy to walk...
I need to cross to next platform to Seremban fast or i will miss the train ( i have train to catch)
So i use the stairs and manage to reach 1st.
Again some of them look at me and started to walk on the escalator.
Ok, The KeTaM BBQ.
Train to Seremban is to crowded like " SARDIN + MILO FUZE" (padat giler)
And that's not the WORSE thing...
The WORSE thing there's no airconditioner or (slow tahap gaban @ tahap dewa)

That not include the hotty motty sun light burning each my patience....
Its a good combination
But i safely arrive to my destination.
Im just feel  pity to an old couple in that train, they sweat all over. ( all of us do)
So my opinion, KTM have to improve more.
This is holiday's week. So its like they dont take concern on this matter,
If there are...
Its Seems Not Enough !!!
( any way, tq KTM )


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